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Funding medical research since 1967

About Tenovus Scotland

Founded in 1967, Tenovus Scotland is a unique Scottish medical research charity with regional committees in Edinburgh, Grampian Highlands and Islands, Strathclyde and Tayside & NE Fife. We provide early pilot funds for initial research across the full range of medicine and healthcare, choosing the best science in any clinical area. Such small-scale key research today has the potential to deliver great health and scientific benefits in the future.

Our income is 100% from donations from individuals, trusts and companies, and all funds are raised in Scotland and spent on medical research in Scotland.

Making a difference to scientific progress

We fund early ‘pilot’ studies, the vital first steps towards scientific progress. Pilot studies are the foundation of clinical research, the basic groundwork that can lead to major research breakthroughs.  

Major funding bodies rarely support a large project without evidence of relevant pilot work, so Tenovus Scotland’s grants are key in supporting such pilot or ‘proof of concept’ work, unlocking more substantial external funding to take the research further.

Download our information sheet on Why Are Pilot Studies Necessary In Medical Research? to find out more.

Helping early career researchers

A Tenovus Scotland grant is often the first financial support a new researcher will receive and can help them start and develop their career. We are a major source of pilot support which has helped many key young scientists, often new to Scotland, to establish very exciting research studies here.

Supporting medical research in Scotland

Tenovus Scotland funds are spent in the region they are raised, supporting medical research in the academic institutions and clinical centres there. We have rigorous scientific review processes in place to ensure that those funds go only to the very best scientific studies, and fund research across all medical and healthcare issues.

Find out more about our recent work in our Annual Review.

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The funding of pilot studies allows ideas to be developed to the point where they can be funded at a national level, driving forward understanding and also the careers of new research scientists.

Dr James Hislop

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