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"The present coronavirus pandemic is clearly impacting medical and bio-medical research world-wide, with many researchers home-working or in lockdown and many research institutions largely closed. Recognising the importance of continuing to identify important research and the granting of necessary funds, Tenovus Scotland plans to continue to seek applications for funding and to make funding decisions according to existing timelines, using technological solutions to permit necessary discussions and decision-making.

Tenovus Scotland recognises that, for currently funded projects, milestones and completion dates will often no longer be feasible. Researchers should know that Tenovus Scotland anticipates extending the timelines of existing projects to reflect the period during which research institutions are closed, and will also look very sympathetically at requests for further extensions to take account of time taken to get back ‘up-to-speed’ once the present situation is resolved.

Tenovus Scotland sends its best wishes to all our researchers and their associates and hopes that they remain safe and well in these difficult times and are soon able to resume their important research activities."

Ken Paterson, National Chair, Tenovus Scotland


Tenovus Scotland, of which Edinburgh, Grampian, Strathclyde and Tayside are regions, exists to foster high quality research within the healthcare professions in Scotland. We provide financial support for projects that support research into health and wellbeing in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, the Medical Sciences and allied professions. All projects must have a clear research component and fall within the general areas of clinical or medical science, or applied health research.

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Thanks to Tenovus Scotland I can express myself in scientific research and I am having the opportunity to collaborate with experts and centers of excellence.

Ms Elena Conti

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